Keeping Up with the Krew: Tricia

Tricia, a medical-surgical nurse, found herself furloughed in April 2020, as elective procedures (non-emergency surgeries) came to a screeching halt in the aftermath of the United States lockdown.

Keeping Up with the Krew: Claire

Claire was on an international flight home, transporting patients from Mexico in March 2020 when she first heard about Krucial Rapid Response.

Medical Professional Gift Guide

Let’s be honest. Some of us are endowed with the art of gift-giving, and some of us…struggle, to put it nicely. Our natural talent in this department either makes holiday shopping a daydream or an absolute nightmare.

Thank You Krucial Krew

As the whirlwind of the Covid pandemic gradually comes to a long-awaited end, we at Krucial feel it’s necessary to extend a formal thank you to all our fantastic staff members.

Overcoming Language Barriers while on an Assignment

We understand that while all our medical staff is fantastic at what they do, some barriers are tough to overcome. The language barrier is a complication that many nurses deal with in new and creative ways.