Thank You Krucial Krew!

By: Maureen Borberg

As the whirlwind of the Covid pandemic gradually comes to a long-awaited end, we at Krucial feel it’s necessary to extend a formal thank you to all our fantastic staff members.

Firstly, our staff faced the pandemic with an unparalleled determination to aid in the global effort and stop the spread of COVID.

Our Krucial Onsite Representatives helped our Krew battle the hardships each day for months on end, providing them a shoulder to lean on when the mental strain became overwhelming.

Our corporate staff worked tirelessly on the phone lines taking calls, deploying staff, and providing necessary assistance twenty-four hours a day.

Our team leads, supervisors, and managers at corporate, who ran their respective departments with accuracy and efficiency, to provide smooth communication lines across all Krucial Rapid Response platforms.

Our CEO and VPs at Krucial, whose vision and endurance during the chaos of the pandemic ultimately provided aid to thousands in need.

Our partners, hotel managers, and everyone who took on the challenge to aid Krucial in our quest to ensure communities were getting the help required during those times.

Our mission to assist in the fight would not have been possible without each staff member, many of whom put their lives in danger, to be a part of the effort.

“I think it’s safe to say that not a single person across the country had any idea what they were going to see,” Crisis Counselor and Krucial Staff Member Robert Moore stated in Episode One of the Krucial Documentary Series.

March of 2020 brought a virus the world was not prepared for and popularized the word “unprecedented” globally. As case numbers began to rise and governments slowly descended into a state of panic, hospitals became overrun with patients, and ventilators became scarce. The general population watched as news stations described a highly contagious virus without a known cure. These news stories perpetuated even more panic.

Soon, stores had to place a purchasing limit on toilet paper, frozen foods, hand sanitizers, and sanitation gloves. Eventually, the world went into lockdown and implemented a social isolation period that lasted for months. Families were separated, small businesses took a significant hit, and the hospitals continued to cry out for help.

When very few companies had the means or will to assist, Krucial took on the challenge.

“We were the first staffing agency to deploy to New York City at a time when it was the hotspot of not only the United States but the world,” Krucial VP of Operations Alex Render stated.

The hospitals of Manhattan, NY, were overrun entirely with patients and severely understaffed. It was then when Krucial opened the hotlines, blasted our social media pages with the specialties in need, and sent the first wave of emergency responders to a highly grateful New York City.

Nurses from all over the country called into the hotlines, desperate to help and determined to stop the spread in New York.

“We have a pool of personnel from across the nation that all came together to support a city that may not be their home state. It really shows the dedication, and the passion healthcare providers have,” Alex Render concluded during her interview for the Krucial Documentary.

A true testament to the 4,000 healthcare professionals’ dedication across the world, our Krew deployed to New York without hesitation. They knew they were supported and loved as members of the Krucial family, enforcing their commitment to the cause.

At Krucial, our “nurses are top priority,” a Critical Care Nurse and Krucial Krew Member Leah Parsons pointed out. As the Covid pandemic proved, if healthcare workers are not taken care of, the rest of the operation collapses.

As the environment in New York City went from emergency crisis to controlled outbreak, Krucial slowly began turning its attention to other locations in need.

Multiple cities in Texas were experiencing Covid outbreaks and found themselves understaffed as well. They reached out to Krucial, who was more than happy to send help. Krucial once again found our hotlines overrun with medical personnel wanting to join the Krucial Krew in Texas.

The same willful and caring spirit that had inspired New York’s deployments was displayed by nurses hoping to travel to Texas. Our Krew once again assumed a profound sense of responsibility and contagious desire to work. Krucial sent over 20,000 medical personnel to Texas and saw encouraging results, similar to those in New York City.

The nurses approached their deployments to Texas with the same determination. When discussing New York, Alex Render stated, “We want to be here for the recovery.” This same spirit encompassed the Texas effort, and our nurses did precisely that.

With the invention and slow distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, we are beginning to see the world return to a new normal. Business is gradually reopening, and society is starting to function.

Nurses and doctors across the country, including our valiant Krew, have successfully brought the virus into a more controlled state. The hospitals are regaining their stability, and the need for emergency deployments is coming to a close.

Although this can be disheartening for nurses who have grown so fond of their adopted cities and hospitals, they can be confident they accomplished what they set out to do. We are beyond proud of our nurses for the bravery they have displayed. We are grateful for their sacrifice. We understand what they went through by leaving their home, family, and friends behind to help.

Krucial is beyond thankful to have played a role in the recovery and management of the pandemic. Our staff will go through the rest of their lives knowing that they did what many hesitated to do when the world needed their service, and they should be proud of their accomplishments.

We know we are. Thank you, Krew!

As always, we appreciate you all. The Krucial Krew is the best team in the business! 

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