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Employee Assistance Programs: How Can They Help You?

By: Mike Vietti

In today’s fast-paced and demanding healthcare environments, the well-being of team members is a critical focus for organizations worldwide, including Krucial Rapid Response.

Recognizing the correlation between employee well-being and productivity, many organizations embrace Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) as a cornerstone of their employee support strategies. These programs offer a wide array of benefits designed to address various aspects of employees’ lives, fostering a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

“EAP programs are a real difference maker for team members in a number of ways,” said Krucial Rapid Response Senior Vice President of Human Resources April Schiffelbein. “From legal advice to counseling for team members and their families to assistance with finances – these programs can save people a lot of time, energy and money as well as help improve their overall well-being.”

At their core, EAPs aim to provide employees with resources and support to navigate personal and professional challenges.


One of the primary benefits of EAPs is access to confidential counseling services. Employees facing issues such as stress, anxiety, substance abuse or relationship difficulties can seek assistance from trained professionals in a safe and confidential environment.

Krucial’s EAP program includes options for up to three counseling sessions per issue with trained experts for both team members and dependents. Counseling sessions are via phone, video or in-person with a masters-level clinician.

Sessions focus on higher level mental health needs such as anxiety, grief or stress. By addressing these challenges early on, people better cope with stressors, improve their mental health and maintain their performance at work.


EAPs often extend their support beyond mental health to encompass a range of life issues. This  includes financial counseling to help team members manage debt, budget effectively or plan for retirement. By offering financial wellness resources, employers not only alleviate stress for employees, but also enhance their overall financial literacy and stability, leading to improved job satisfaction and loyalty.

Krucial’s program features unlimited phone support for financial problems or planning needs, 30 days of access with a personal money coach and an extensive online financial library with calculators.


Krucial’s program also features online skill building for mental wellbeing and life issues. Members and household dependents can also schedule up to three coaching sessions per year with trained experts.

From a legal standpoint, Krucial’s EAP program features unlimited phone support and a free initial 30-minute consultation with an attorney, with a 25% discount on attorney services thereafter. The program also includes free online legal forms and an extensive law library.

Additionally, participants have access to a free 30-minute consultation for estate planning/will preparation as well as templates that can be used for as starting points for creating your own legal documents.


Krucial’s EAP program, which is administered by Uprise Health/Guardian, also features an easy-to-use app. Available via both Android and Apple, the app allows team members to schedule appointments and access resources directly from their phone.

“At Krucial, our team members are always our top priority,” Schiffelbein said. “We’ve had a number of our staff take advantage of the benefits of our EAP program and, in many cases, it’s really been a game changer.”

For more information about Krucial’s EAP program, visit worklife.uprisehealth.com or contact Krucial’s human resources team at hr@krucialrr.org or (913) 347-4748.

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