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Becoming a Reservist is the first step to joining the Krucial Krew, our community of clinical and non-clinical personnel who have and/or are currently working with Krucial Rapid Response. Creating a profile today gives you access to exclusive rewards, streamlines your hiring process, and allows you to opt in to receive live job updates.

re•serv•ist /re’zervest/

1. a person belonging to a reserve pool of talent at Krucial Rapid Response.

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A thank you to our Reservists.

Since April of 2020, over 55,000 Krucial frontline workers traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to help a nation in crisis. In 2020 and 2021, we sent a videographer around the country to capture some of those moments.


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Reservist FAQs

Need an answer quickly? These are our most-asked questions:


Emergency deployments will typically require our Reservists to onboard and arrive at their assigned location within 24 hours after being rostered. Depending on the circumstances, Krucial may/may not publicly announce when emergency deployment positions are available. Reservists interested in emergency deployments should always maintain a profile in Krucial’s database system with current information, certifications, etc.  

Travel contracts follow a more traditional hiring process, but offer longer assignments (frequently 8 or 13 weeks). 

Per Diem assignments are based on shifts (vs. contracts). Individuals interested in Per Diem assignments must be pre-approved and, once approved, can sign-up to secure shifts on an ongoing basis. Currently, Krucial offers RN and LPN/LVN Per Diem shifts in Kansas and Missouri only. 

Direct hire positions offer a permanent placement opportunity in your desired city and state. The duration of the hiring process may vary based on assignment type, position, and need.

We ask for you to have an active, unencumbered U.S. license, a year of experience, a clean background check, an updated BLS (and ACLS for ER RN and ICU RNs) and be able to travel immediately. Many states accept compact licenses, please refer to each state’s regulations. Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the type of position. For questions about a specific position, reach out to us at 913-318-3448 for further assistance.

No. Krucial Rapid Response will NEVER ask for or accept money in exchange for being given preference in the rostering process or a guaranteed assignment. Any messages or solicitations indicating otherwise are fraudulent.

We update our list of available jobs on a regular basis. You can find Contract positions here,  Direct Hire positions here and Per Diem shifts here. There’s also the option to opt in to receive job notifications once a Reservist profile is created and completed. We also frequently post some positions on our social media channels. Lastly, you can download our FREE app via the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) so that you can receive notifications about new positions in real time. 

Assignments typically range from 8 to 13 weeks. However, assignments can vary by location and position requested. And in some cases, the hospital/facility may offer the option for you to extend the assignment.

Yes! Many positions listed have a local option, so you can still enjoy the benefits of travel nursing without leaving your family, friends, and the comfort of your own home.

You will receive a weekly paycheck.

In certain circumstances, many staff may be staying at the same location, working the same or similar assignments. In this case, a Krucial Onsite Representative may be assigned to that location as your first point of contact, and they will reach out to you upon arrival.

No. Once selected to move forward with a permanent placement you will be hired by one of our facility partners.

The interview process can vary. Typically, two weeks is standard for non-administrative roles.

Our facility partners determine the pay offered for their jobs. There are many factors they use to determine pay rage, such as experience level, credentials and other skills as required for their open position.

Each facility will have a different policy regarding certification reimbursement. Ask your recruiter if you qualify for a reimbursement.

Krucial Rapid Response provides qualified applicants to our facility partners for review. We review resumes and qualifications, conduct initial interviews, request documents, and preform reference checks at the discretion of our facility partners. Your point of contact during the initial interview process and onboarding is our Direct Hire Recruitment Team. Contact us at directhire@krucialrr.org or 913.347.5335

Yes! Individuals interested in per diem shifts must be pre-approved. In order to be pre-approved, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess one year of experience
  • Possess an active, unencumbered license
  • Have an active BLS certification
  • Have an updated resume
  • Have at least two professional references
  • Have a record of shots/immunizations (including, but not limited to: flu, hepatitis B, varicella)
  • Have a physical completed within the previous 12 months (or, be willing to undergo a physical)
  • Willing to undergo a 10-year criminal background check
  • Willing to undergo a drug screening

You can view available Per Diem shifts here. Individuals who meet the criteria will need to create a Reservist profile within Krucial’s database system and upload the above information. Individuals who have questions can contact Krucial at 913-318-3448 or reservist@krucialrr.org.

We suggest allowing 2-4 weeks for pre-approval, but the process can take longer.

You can view available Per Diem shifts here. Once an individual is pre-approved, they will need to login to Krucial’s database system in order to sign-up for available shifts. Individuals can also call at 913-318-3448 to speak with a Recruiter and schedule shifts.

Presently, Krucial offers per diem shifts for RN and LPN/LVN positions in Kansas and Missouri ONLY. If you live outside of those areas and/or are interested in other positions, you can still create a Reservist profile in Krucial’s database system indicating an interest in per diem shifts. Then, if Krucial has opportunities that meet your skillsets in your area for your position, Krucial will contact you.

There is not a set distance, but Krucial encourages applicants to live within a one-hour drive of the location of their shift. However, some facilities may have specific restrictions.

You will receive a weekly direct deposit paycheck that includes all shifts worked during the course of a week. Per diem shifts are paid based on an hourly rate and there are no reimbursements for travel.


Krucial Reservists paid in 2023 or later can login to Paycom to access the employee handbook, view pay slips and change personal information. If you have questions or issues, please contact us at @ payroll@krucialrr.org or call (913) 349-5618.

Need an answer quickly? These are our most-asked questions:


Paycom is Krucial Rapid Response’s human capital management and payroll solution. 

You can login to Paycom here.

You will need to enter your username, password and last four digits of your Social Security Number. Your username consists of our organization code (0MX66) plus your alphanumeric employee ID. Example: 0MX66A0B0

If you have issues or questions, you can contact us at payroll@krucial.org or (913) 349-5618. 

Your Form W-2 from 2023 or later can be accessed in Paycom. You can login here.

If you need a Form W-2 prior to 2023 contact us at payroll@krucialrr.org or call (913) 349-5618. If you need a Form W-2, please provide your full legal name and only the last four digits of your social security number. 

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