Krucial Rapid Response’s Year in Review: 2021

By: Maria Burns

As the clock struck midnight at the beginning of 2021, there were mixed emotions about the year ahead of us. Some were excited and thought 2021 would be the year things go back to normal, while others feared our definition of normal had forever been altered – and they were right. We saw a glimpse of hope with the cases dwindling down and the vaccine becoming available for those who choose to receive it. Things were supposed to go back to the way they used to be – but was the old way better?

Don’t get us wrong, if there were a time where we could turn back the clock and miss the tragedy and devastation these past two years brought everyone, then we would, but that would also mean giving up the connections, growth, and love we found along the way.

At Krucial, we saw the number of friendships and comradery grow more than we ever imagined when we launched this company in 2019. Additionally, it was brought to the surface how many of our friends, family members, and neighbors have some of the kindest, most selfless hearts, providing us with a much-needed dose of compassion in this world.

With Krucial’s mission in mind, it seemed fitting to ensure our Reservists were provided a handful of benefits so they could put forth their kindness to those who need it the most – their patients.

“You can just donate your time to your patients with Krucial because all the necessities are taken care of,” Jacqueline, a respiratory therapist, said, “And it really, really, really helps. And I always tell people, Krucial is number one. I have been with other companies, and with Krucial, we just have an unexplainable team spirit. I feel like our whole team, everyone gets up every day for the great mission – to help people.”

This theme of passion and dedication to the mission does not stop with our Reservists. All our corporate employees exemplify this kindness and comradery as well. Due to the resiliency of our employees, we were fortunate to launch two additional business lines to Krucial Rapid Response – healthcare and direct hire.

VP of Strategic Development, Brody Whitley, mentioned how he “couldn’t be prouder of everyone on the team and their dedication to Krucial. We are where we are because of the hard work each person puts in every day.”

With this addition to the company, we can provide other avenues for our Reservists to shine. We understand emergency response deployments may not be well suited for all our current and future Krucial Krew members so having other options for them means we get to send more people to help others at their greatest time of need.

This past year was filled with heartache, loss, and confusion but it was also filled with so many positive events. Without our Reservists, Krucial Onsite Representatives (KORs), and corporate employees, we would not have been able to forge new paths and evolve as a company. Thanks to our core values shining through everyone who is a part of the Krew, we are thrilled to see what else we all can accomplish in the upcoming year.

Whether you are taking a break from the chaos of the world or just starting to embrace it, know Krucial Rapid Response is right there beside you as well, taking it one new adventure at a time. We look forward to seeing what 2022 has to bring.

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“You can just donate your time to your patients with Krucial because all the necessities are taken care of."

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