Medical Professional Gift Guide

By: Maria Blong

Let’s be honest. Some of us are endowed with the art of gift-giving, and some of us…struggle, to put it nicely. Our natural talent in this department either makes holiday shopping a daydream or an absolute nightmare.

When it comes to our fellow medical professionals, we want to surprise them with something that says, “Here’s a gift useful to you and your profession” instead of “I bought you a medical-themed t-shirt because it was quippy and I didn’t know what else to get you.” Or maybe you’re a medical professional, and you’ve simply run out of ideas for your friends in the unit.

Whether you’re here to find last-minute inspiration or diligently researching alone in your room at 2 am, calculating when an item will go on sale – we hope our compiled list is of service to you, dear shopper.


Drink Tumbler

Water bottles or drinks tumblers are a bit of a hot commodity right now. It’s rare to see someone walking around without one, especially at work. Gift a medical professional close to you a personalized drink tumbler with their name! The stainless steel creates a sleek and easy-to-clean design, while the copper vacuum insulation keeps their second energy drink of the night cold. It also comes with a straw.

Maars Stainless Steel Personalized Tumbler with Straw, $25.50 (Amazon)

White Noise Machine

Adjusting to a nocturnal schedule isn’t as easy for humans as it is for owls. Support your night shift pal’s new sleep schedule with a white noise machine. This white noise machine we found features 31 calming sounds separated into three categories: white noise, fan sounds, and nature sounds. The excellent sound quality blocks out any unwanted commotion. Give the gift of sleep to your medical friend this year with a white noise machine.

Housby White Noise Machine, $34.99 (Amazon)

Pencil/Pen Case

While it might not get a main spot under the tree, pencil cases are the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant gift at your hospital’s holiday party. Besides, everyone needs a place to safeguard their favorite gel pens or store snacks. A sleek design makes it even better.

Durable Zipper Multi Pouch, $27.95 (Etsy)


Medical Clipboard

No matter how much you study in medical school, it’s impossible to remember everything. Help your friend out by gifting them a medical clipboard with parameter guides, an essential item for anyone starting their first hospital job. The inside compartment can store important medical documents, keeping them wrinkle-free and HIPAA-compliant.

Lots of options!, price varies (MD Pocket)


Lunch Boxes 

You never truly outgrow lunch boxes as an adult – you just upgrade to nicer ones. The stackable lunch box saves space in your bag for efficient packing, while also providing three food compartments, secret clips for utensils, and a strap to hold it all together. Even though it’s not as stylish as your cartoon-themed lunch box from when you were nine, it is microwave safe.

Bentgo Classic All-in-One Stackable Lunch Box, $14.99 (Target)


Salt Rock Lamp

Many people claim salt rock lamps possess many natural healing powers. Cleansing the air of odors and allergens, plus helping those with asthma. While the scientific evidence behind this is inconclusive, their unique shape and earthy, warm glow create a relaxing ambiance after a long shift. Setting the mood for a nice evening at home, reading a book, or watching your favorite TV show.  

Himalayan Salt Rock, $26.95 (Amazon)


Shower Steamers

Infuse your medical friend’s evening with relaxation by gifting them essential oil shower steamers. They’re an easy, alternative way of taking a bath without having to draw one. The eucalyptus and peppermint combination elevates the shower experience by releasing calm and cleansing oils – purifying the air you breathe and your headspace.

BodyRestore Shower Steamers, $29.97 (Amazon)


Food Delivery Gift Card

Preparing the ingredients, cooking the meal, then cleaning all the dirty dishes can be taxing after a long shift. Give your medical friend an easy night off with a food delivery gift card. This way, the most they need to do after eating is throw away the box.

DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, $25.00 plus (Target or in person)


Neck and Shoulder Massager Pillow

One of the most common places people hold stress is in their neck and shoulders. Knead away the tension of a challenging week in the unit with a neck and shoulder massager pillow. The heating function on this one softens the stiff knots in your back for minimal effort decompression. Help a medical professional you know come back to work feeling brand new with a massager pillow.

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck and Shoulder Massager Pillow, $39.99 plus (Amazon)




In a job that requires a person to be active all day, the work attire needs to reflect the strenuous nature of that position. The scrubs medical professionals wear should strive to meet these demands – achieving the perfect blend of comfort and style for medical staff. We recommend gifting your medical friend a set of scrubs that endeavor to enhance and support their performance in the field. Also, look for a brand that offers scrubs that are size-inclusive.

Jaanuu Scrubs, $36.00 plus (Jaanuu)


Compression Socks

Performing in a medical role requires one to be on their feet all day. As time goes on, it starts to affect their legs, causing swelling and achiness. Compression socks are a simple way to combat this issue. The lightweight, breathable fabric applies the perfect amount of pressure to encourage blood flow, reducing discomfort and inflammation.

FIGS Compression Socks, $12.00 – $28.00 (FIGS – WomenFIGS – Men)


Hair Claw (or Hair Clip)

Hair claws are making a fierce comeback, and we understand why. They’re easy to use for a quick updo, coming in various styles, colors, and sizes. Perfect for any medical professional needing to twist their locks out of the way in a jiffy.

Emery Rose Hair Claws, $2.50 (Emery Rose)



If compression socks and scrubs are vital to working in comfort, so are shoes. Finding a sneaker that supports your foot shape and arch is essential to keep a pep in your step. We recommend a shoe made with a thicker, cushier sole and breathable material.

Hoka Shoes, $125.00 plus (Hoka)


Sleep Mask

Good sleep is vital to maintaining great health and maximizing your energy for the day. Working on a medical travel assignment, you’re not able to travel with all the sleep helpers you need for a good night’s rest (i.e., blackout curtains). A sleep mask is an easily transportable item that takes up minimal space in your travel bag. Sleep masks with memory foam help relieve pressure off one’s face, providing comfort for sleeping.

YFONG Sleep Mask, $15.99 plus (Amazon)

eBook Reader

In general, eBook readers are a great gift idea for the avid book reader in your life. They’re also a great item to bring on a travel medical deployment. An eBook reader is a lightweight item to take from point A to point B, that slips perfectly into one’s bag or even back pocket. Reading after a shift at the hospital is an effective way to decompress and escape from work. Plus, it allows one to travel with many reading options on one slim device.  

Kindle, $89.99 plus (Amazon)


Travel Bag

Every medical professional needs a great travel companion. Gift your medical friends a travel bag for their upcoming deployments. Shop for essential travel bag features such as a sleek design, multiple pockets, and a signature pattern easy to spot at luggage claim. Make packing effortless with a new, stylish travel bag!

Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag, $120.00 plus (Vera Bradley)


Luggage Trackers

There’s nothing worse than landing at an airport to find out your luggage is at a different location or leaving your purse in an unknown spot. Luggage trackers help eliminate the issue of losing your most valuable items by keeping track of them for you. Most brands provide an app that lists your lost item’s geographical position and an option to locate it via an alert sound. If you know a travel medical professional, these small trackers can help keep all their items organized and together as they hop around the country.

Tile Trackers, $24.99 (Tileor AirTag, $29.00 (Apple)


Home Security System

Travel medical assignments can sometimes take weeks or months to fulfill. If no one can watch your home, it can make one feel nervous about being away for extended periods of time. A home security system with video monitors can help put your medical pal’s mind at ease. This way, they can check on the safety and security of their home via an app from their phone while they’re resting after a shift.

Ring Video Doorbells, $64.99 (Ring)

We hope our medical professional gift guide sparked some ideas for those looking to find the perfect gift for their medical friend. Please note, the list above is a suggestion for what medical staff might enjoy. If you can find these items locally, we encourage you to support the small businesses in your area.

Medical professionals give so much of their time and effort to ensure the safety and health of their community. Let’s demonstrate a token of our appreciation with a holiday gift reflecting the thoughtfulness and care they give to us daily.

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and no shipping delays (though it’s unlikely). Cheers!

Disclaimer: Krucial Rapid Response is in no way associated with, sponsored, or endorsed by the companies listed in the blog above.

Let’s be honest. Some of us are endowed with the art of gift-giving, and some of us…struggle, to put it nicely.

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