Top 5 Shoes for Medical Professionals According to our Krucial Krew

By: Morgan Clark

Our Reservists are on their feet for extended periods of time. It is crucial to choose the correct shoes to support your feet during a shift. Choosing what shoes to wear is particularly important, especially since it will not only affect your feet but will also affect other body parts such as your back. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing the right shoe for you. One needs to consider how much they are willing to pay for shoes. Do you want to invest, or do you want something more affordable? Once you have figured out your price range then you can determine the style. Do certain brands of shoes fit your aesthetic, or does it really matter to you?

With there being so many brands of shoes out there for medical professionals, how would you know what to get? Well, we have the answer! We asked our Reservists what their favorite shoes were to work in, and the answers do not disappoint. After receiving all the responses, we narrowed them down to the top five recurring brands. Here are the results – hopefully, there is a brand that speaks to you.

Shoes for Medical Professionals

1. Hoka

Hoka was the most common response from our Krew, and we see why. The Hoka shoe is designed strictly for comfort. Many have said the shoe has a cloud-like feeling due to the memory foam insole, which is removable. You can distinguish a Hoka mainly because of its incredibly high heels. Some may not like the style, but there is a reason for the high heel; it gives excellent support. The shoes also come with a mesh top allowing your feet to breathe. Hoka has the seal of acceptance from The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The APMA “is the leading resource for foot and ankle health information.”. It is clear Hokas are one of the most comfortable shoes and worth the investment, but if you are looking for a stylish shoe, these may not be for you. 

Shoes for Medical Professionals

2. Nike

Nike is a well-known and popular brand for a reason. They offer multiple shoe designs and styles, so it can be difficult to find the right fit for work. Some popular ones in the medical field include Nike Roshe RunVapor Max 2.0, and Nike React Line. Each shoe is made for comfortability. The Vapor Max sole uses a design that resembles bubbles, giving your feet a cushion every time you step. Most Vapors Max comes in solid colors, but the sole is translucent giving the shoes a bit more edge. The React Line uses a cushion that “reacts” to your foot, giving you a little push for each step. It is the most stylish of the three Nike shoes having more of an eclectic design. The Nike Roshe Run is made from mesh material giving the ultimate breathability for one’s feet. The Roshe is for those who like a minimalistic style with the shoe being one solid color and the swoosh being either white or black. These shoes were created initially for being active, because of this, they are highly malleable and lightweight making them perfect for your next shift.


3. Crocs

Crocs have become extremely trendy this last year, likely due to them being rather comfortable. The most common type of Crocs worn by our Reservist is the Clogs. You can choose from an assortment of colors, but they also come in all black or all white for those who prefer a more neutral-colored shoe. Clogs are made to be slip resistance, so you have no fear of falling when running to various events that may occur during your shift. Clogs also have a removable foot liner that is washer friendly. They do have wide as an option as well, but some reviews are stating there is not much toe room, so we encourage you to read the reviews before purchasing. Crocs Clogs is an excellent choice if you are on a budget but also want comfort. 

 Shoes for Medical Professionals

4. Brooks

Brooks is also another famous shoe brand among the medical professional community. They are made for athletic leisure but can be used for long hours on the job. Brooks has a slight lift in the heel area, but not as high as Hoka. Each Brooks comes with an ankle cushion to help support one standing for hours. Brooks also come in wide, however, they can run a bit small according to reviews. Even with all of these great features, it should be known Brooks shoes are not water-resistant and do not have a removable insole if this is a must for you.

 Shoes for Medical Professionals

5. Adidas Ultra Boost

If you are looking for more stylish shoes than comfortable ones, then Ultra-Boost is the way to go. You can find Ultra–Boost in many colors such as vibrant pink, cool blue, or midnight black. You can also get them in assorted styles like tricolors or textured patterns. Ultra-Boost is one of the best cushion shoes from Adidas. What is great about the Ultra-Boost is they are flexible, giving your feet mobility. They are also breathable for those days when your feet need insulation. The design is minimum but sleek, donning their signature three stripes on the side. 

Whether it is cloud-like Crocs or the stylish Ultra Boost, these shoes will not steer you wrong. On your next shoe purchase, remember to consider your feet shape when choosing shoes. If you are flat-footed, you should look for shoes that have more of an arch to them. This is the same for those who like to wear thick socks, having those on will affect what shoe size you may need to order. For those who have hot feet, it is best to look for shoes that have mesh as having breathable materials will not only be cool but also save you from stinky feet. If you need more traction on your shoes, be sure to check out the slip-resistance shoe options. There is no need for you to fall in front of patients. There is also the price of the shoes and what you are willing to spend consider. Some Reservists believe in investing in their shoes and would lean toward brands like Hoka. While other Reservists believe they can find comfort for cheaper and would buy brands like Crocs. Whichever shoe you choose, just know it is important to find the right shoes for you. It will make your shift a little easier and your feet will thank you.

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Choosing what shoes to wear is particularly important, especially since it will not only affect your feet but will also affect other body parts such as your back.

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