Keeping Up with the Krew: Sheila

Sheila immigrated to the United States from Central Africa back in 2002, quickly noticing the positive impact healthcare workers have on their community. This is when she began her journey to pursue a career in the healthcare field, eventually earning her nursing degree and license in 2012.

Keeping Up with the Krew: Kayla

After seeing Hurricane Katrina, Kayla told herself that if the opportunity ever came up again to serve others on a grand scale in a natural disaster, she was going to volunteer.

Keeping Up with the Krew: Mariah

Mariah was drawn to the idea of deployment when she heard about Krucial through her Certified Nursing Assistant program at the start of the pandemic.

Keeping Up with the Krew: Erika

Erika, a registered nurse, has been a dialysis nurse for over a decade and a mother-baby nurse for almost four years. When Krucial was founded, Erika was one of the first Reservists to deploy.

2022 National Nurses Week Discounts

In 1990, the American Nurses Association (ANA) established National Nurses Week, kicking it off with National Nurses Day on May 6 and ending it on Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12.

Keeping Up with the Krew: William

One day he knew his time in the military would end, but William knew he would not be happy unless he was helping other people. For William, the best way he felt he could do that was in healthcare.

Keeping Up with the Krew: Tricia

Tricia, a medical-surgical nurse, found herself furloughed in April 2020, as elective procedures (non-emergency surgeries) came to a screeching halt in the aftermath of the United States lockdown.