Keeping Up with the Krew: Hillory

By: Courtney Holmes

The desire to join the medical field typically stems from a family full of medical professionals or those who have a close connection with someone in the medical field at an early age. However, this is not the case for Hillory. Most of her family are mental health care workers or work in the criminal justice field, but she saw the versatility the profession could offer her future. Feeling pulled to nursing, she set out, paving her own path.

Hillory has been a nurse for over six years and a travel nurse for three years. During this time, she has found her passion for helping patients in the intensive care unit. Without searching, a new opportunity arose, and Hillory was recommended to Krucial Rapid Response by a close friend who previously deployed. Excited for a new adventure, Hillory deployed for the first time to Southeast Texas with Krucial. She was recognized for the extra care she provides for her patients, especially those near the end of life.

“I’m an advocate for my peers and my patients 100% of the time, I find solutions when others dwell on a problem for too long. Regardless of how I feel physically or mentally, I always show empathy and compassion during the death process to both my patients and their family members regardless of their end-of-life decisions,” said Hillory.

Hillory claims her creativity and calm demeanor are her superpowers. Her years of nursing experience have given her both the competence and empathy for her to be able to connect with her patients in the ICU. She credits her stamina to her commitment to daily physical, mental, and healthy eating habits.

“In LA, I work out twice a day, [schedule] drainage massages, [attend] spin class on the beach, and I hike. Staying active and healthy is extremely important…[But] everything is bigger in Texas, including the meal portions. The food is hard to resist, but I love a challenge; so, I found a gym [and] a friend found a juicery and a local meal prep company. I’m back on a consistent schedule with my healthy lifestyle [while on deployment],” said Hillory.

Hillory does not only care very highly for herself and her patients, but she is also passionate about making a lasting impact on her fellow coworkers everywhere she goes. She desires to help empower others in the nursing community, while also creating a positive environment so they are encouraged to achieve personal development goals.

“Lack of experience (in any setting but specifically during a pandemic) is irresponsible and dangerous. Knowledge is key. But I tend to find that knowledge integrated with experience is typically the equation for improved patient outcomes,” said Hillory.

Hillory said once she is off deployment, she has big dreams of producing a project to help decrease burnout in the nursing community. Nothing is official as of now, but with Hillory’s passion and knowledge, she is bound to achieve this goal.

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"I’m an advocate for my peers and my patients 100% of the time, I find solutions when others dwell on a problem for too long."

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