Respiratory Care Week 2023

Respiratory Care Week is Oct. 22-28, and we wanted to put a spotlight on the amazing work of the 100,000+ Respiratory Therapists across the country. So, we did what anyone would do – we asked Krucial Reservists, and they gave us insightful answers. Take a look and Enjoy!

BLS Basics: How to Quickly Acquire Your BLS Certification

Since nearly every position in healthcare requires a BLS certification, knowing your BLS basics is important for you and your coworkers. Learning how to acquire your BLS quickly can save you time and be the difference in you getting a position over someone else.

Beginner’s Guide to Healthcare Contracts

Travel is enjoyed and pursued by many, but few people have the chance at a career that allows them to travel as part of their job. For those working in the healthcare field, they know that travel and work can go hand in hand.

Overcoming Language Barriers while on an Assignment

We understand that while all our medical staff is fantastic at what they do, some barriers are tough to overcome. The language barrier is a complication that many nurses deal with in new and creative ways.