What it is Like Deploying with Someone You Know

By: Elena Hernandez

While Krucial cannot guarantee personnel deploying together, it is possible that duos can deploy to the same location! We have family members and friends deploy on the same assignment, and the experience is very different from a traditional deployment.

Typically, staff deploys on their own, without any friends or family to accompany them. While family duos may deploy together, they are still required to lodge in different rooms and follow the same COVID guidelines as any other deployed staff.

Many duos also deploy to the same city in Texas, but work at different hospitals. The experience is still unique and having two members from the same household work with Krucial provides a level of understanding of what it is like to serve on the frontlines of a global pandemic.

One of our nurses said, “It was hard but so rewarding! I was in San Antonio with a friend from a home hospital and I’m glad she was there.” While Krucial does not currently deploy nurses already staffed in TX, knowing someone also in the medical field in the same city gives a sense of relief.

Many of our staff describe their assignments as difficult, and that they often feel alone. Knowing there is a familiar face working in the same city or even the same hospital is more than reassuring. One nurse noted that having someone to connect with was ‘super supportive and amazing’.

There are also family duos that have deployed with us! While rare, we have had a mother and daughter assigned to the same hospital, working alongside each other! The dynamic is surely different, but the ability to work alongside a family member is a special experience that is not the norm.

We are so appreciative of the work that our staff carries out, and we are aware that the nature of the environment of hospital units can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. For these reasons, we are thankful that some of those deployed have people that they feel they can rely on while completing their assignments.

Another deployed nurse said, “I absolutely loved my Abilene Crew and they made for a lifetime experience that I will never forget!” We love that our Krew can get close and family-like and send love to all these communities that have found people they can lean on!

While it isn’t always possible to deploy with another, we encourage all our deployed nurses to seek out friendships along their deployments and find a sense of community! We love to hear all your stories about connections and can’t wait for you all to make so many more!

“It was hard but so rewarding! I was in San Antonio with a friend from a home hospital and I’m glad she was there.”

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