Krucial Five Day Gratitude Journal

By: Maria Blong

Gratitude is something we regularly fail to remember in the everyday chaos of life. While the holiday season nudges us back into this thankful mindset, fostering a grateful attitude and incorporating it into our lives takes time and effort to build. By changing our daily thinking habits to follow more positive paths, we are molding our approach to our day and our interactions with others. In this way, we are training ourselves to experience gratitude and appreciation for the seemingly ordinary events of our lives.  

Inspired by the spirit of thankfulness, we created a five-day gratitude journal to kickstart the routine! (Who says it has to be New Years to start new habits?) We came up with five questions surrounding the topic of gratitude and your time with Krucial, sharing quotes from individuals at Krucial Rapid Response for encouragement during the writing process.



Krucial Quote:

“I am grateful for our reservists because they are our front-line heroes. They answer the call to help care for people while they are away from their friends and family.”

– Jeremy, Recruiter

Prompt: How are you grateful for your medical profession?



Krucial Quote:

“I’m grateful for our reservists because they’re selfless and they trust us as a company to put them in the best position to be successful.”

– Morgan, Director of Kulture


“I have had so many wonderful conversations with our deployed staff, and it is so refreshing knowing how much they all care!”

– Dylan, Asset Manager


Prompt: Name three positive attributes you bring to your role as a medical professional and explain why you are grateful for these characteristics.


Krucial Quote:

“Our reservists go above and beyond to help those in stressful and sometimes heartbreaking situations to restore their health and lives – often away from their own family and friends for weeks if not months at a time. I’m grateful that they do, and that Krucial lets me be a part of that process.”

– Julie, Data Analyst


Prompt: Recall a special moment you shared with a patient. Why are you grateful for that experience?



Krucial Quote:

Our reservists sign up to go into extremely difficult environments. I’m grateful and humbled that so many people have the compassion and fortitude to go where help is needed no matter the challenge.”

 – Jill, Credentials Lead


Prompt: What lesson are you grateful to have learned while on emergency deployment or contract assignment?



Krucial Quote:

“Although I believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of its part’s – some part’s carry special weight. Our reservists, also known as the ‘Krucial Krew,’ are the backbone of this organization. Their passion and dedication to each and every mission is the reason Krucial is able to keep impacting lives.”

– Alex, Vice President of Emergency Operations


Prompt: How are you grateful for your fellow Reservists and/or Krucial Krew?

We hope our gratitude prompts were a reminder of the blessings surrounding you or urged you to remember the good on bad days. If you’re looking to continue this practice on your own, here’s a link to a list of gratitude journal questions.

Interested in contributing to the Krucial Kollective? Send us an e-mail at and let us know what you would like to write!

While the holiday season nudges us back into this thankful mindset, fostering a grateful attitude and incorporating it into our lives takes time and effort to build.

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