Deployment Tips: 17 Ways to Be Ready for Disaster Deployments

  1. Be sure you’ve completed/updated a Reservist Profile with us. (Create A Reservist Profile)
  2. Complete the required FEMA Trainings and ensure those are uploaded to your Reservist Profile. Once completed, you can e-mail all three of your certificates to be uploaded for you! Simply send them to: credentials@krucialrr.org
  3. FEMA ICS 100: https://emilms.fema.gov/IS0100c/curriculum/1.html
  4. FEMA ICS 200: https://emilms.fema.gov/IS.200c/curriculum/1.html
  5. FEMA ICS 700: https://emilms.fema.gov/IS0700b/curriculum/1.html
  6. Need help? Send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you.
  7. Remember the most important part about Disaster Deployments: flexibility. Things won’t always be perfect. As one of the leaders in the field, we do our best to ensure a smooth deployment for you. However, each disaster is different, and we are all occasionally adjusting in real-time. Flexibility helps everyone stay calm and productive no matter the circumstances.
  8. Have your documentation ready. You’ll need the following things when you arrive on-site:
  9. Immunization records
  10. I-9 identification (https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/acceptable-documents )
  11. Have an emergency plan in place for childcare, pet care, employment leave, and residential care. Deployments often have only hours of lead-time before we need you on-site. Having a plan in place for all of these things means you’re able to take positions as soon as we call you!
  12. Have a go-bag ready! Some things you might think about including:
  13. One week’s worth of scrubs or class-appropriate work attire
  14. The basics: cash, watch, toiletries, chargers, etc.
  15. Paper and pencil (a small notebook for orientation and other meetings is a good idea)
  16. Snacks: protein bars, trail mix, etc.
  17. Be ready for a life changing experience! You can expect to meet lifelong friends, to have truly unforgettable moments, and to save lives!

Remember the most important part about Disaster Deployments: flexibility. Things won’t always be perfect.

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