Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions Krucial Rapid Response Receives

By: Dakota Behrman

Did you know that our social media channels get hundreds of messages a day asking for support and getting answers? We get a lot of similar questions and in an ever-changing landscape of travel nursing and emergency staffing, we understand there may be some confusion regarding the correct answers to many of the questions as time goes on. In this entry of Krucial Kollective, we will go over some of the most frequently asked questions and give guidance on the best course of action!     


1. How can I become a Reservist? 

Go to our website,, and click “Become a Reservist” under the Jobs tab. Please ensure you fill out your Reservist form completely. Additionally, check out our Top 7 Documents & Certifications to Have in Your Reservist Profile blog post! Do not hesitate to call our 24/7 mainline for assistance at 888-222-6359.  


2. Why am I not receiving alerts about deployments? How can I be added to the Alert Media System?  

First, our alert system lets a pool of reservists know about limited positions we may have for deployments or contracts. Keep in mind, that we do not send alerts for each position, nor do we send them out to all reservists. There may be times when you receive messages that others do not and vice versa. This is determined to match the needs of the facilities we help staff.   

We ask you to please make sure you have a completed Reservist Profile. If you are unsure if your Reservist profile is complete, then you can call our 24/7 Mainline number (888-222-6359) for assistance. Our customer service representatives will also be able to check that your information is submitted to add to our alert media system.   


3. What assignments does Krucial Rapid Response offer?

We have three pillars in which we specialize. First, emergency deployments: rapid response assignments for natural disasters or epidemics. Secondly, travel contracts: your traditional agreement to work at a medical facility away from home. For contracts, follow us on Instagram and Facebook page, @KrucialContracts. Lastly, direct hire positions: openings for full-time, permanent placement at a medical facility.   


4. How long is each assignment?

Commitment lengths can vary greatly depending on the type of assignment. Emergency deployments can last a couple of weeks to nearly a year, based on the severity and your willingness for continued community support in the impacted area. Contracts are ordinarily 13-week commitments, though can be shorter or longer, and may come with options for renewal at the end of the assignment. Our direct hire positions mean you’ve opened yourself up to an exciting new career opportunity, lasting far into the foreseeable future!  


5. Can I work in a different role than what I am specialized in?

Unfortunately, you cannot work in a different role if you do not have recent experience and have an active US license for that specific position. Krucial Rapid Response does not provide training for assignments. All staff must be trained, licensed, and experienced for a minimum of one year in any role they wish to acquire. 


6. I have a Reservist profile, and I am opted-in for alerts. Now what? 

We encourage you to remain proactive! We post open positions weekly, either for deployments, contracts, or direct hire positions. If you see a position that interests you, follow the instructions provided in the post. If there is a number provided, please call in. Additionally, you can call 888-222-6359 to opted-in for text and email alerts for job postings. Be aware, that we do not alert every Reservist, nor do we alert for all assignments. For a totally hands-off approach, feel free to wait for us to reach out should there be a high volume of needs or a contract that you would be well suited for.  


7. What does it mean if I call in and hear music?  

Hearing music means you are in the hold queue — do not hang up! You are waiting in line with others for a representative to pick up. Calls are answered in the order dialed in, so every second counts. A Krucial Rapid Response representative will answer if there are still open positions when the queue gets to you. If the spots fill up before your turn in line, your call will be disconnected and the status changed to Code Yellow, which indicates no active deployment.   

8. When is the next hurricane deployment? 

That is up to the hurricanes. As with all natural disaster deployments, we are unable to predict or schedule Mother Nature. That is why it is important to always be ready to accept an emergency deployment. One fantastic way to stay ready is by having a go-bag assembled to cut down on the time needed to reach your assigned destination.   


 9. I believe a colleague has lied about their experience and/or training; what should I do? 

Krucial Rapid Response takes these concerns very seriously. Should an individual pass our background screening with fraudulent credentials, we insist that our Krucial Krew email with all relevant details so we may investigate. Your name is considered anonymous and confidential.


10. I work with somebody I would love to get featured as Krucial Krew Member of the Week; how do I go about this? 

We love seeing our Krew nominate others to show their appreciation. If you know somebody who goes above and beyond to help those in need, send us their information to  

That covers the major questions we are asked daily. If you have a question that you do not see answered, please reach out to us on our social media pages or call 888-222-6359 for assistance.   

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“...we understand there may be some confusion regarding the correct answers to many of the questions as time goes on."

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